Partnership Agreements

A partnership agreement is a tool used to describe how stakeholders work together to support implementation. Similar to a team charter, partnership agreements identify the intended results and scope of work for the engagement, what each partner will contribute, and how the partners will work together. These agreements are most effective when they are co-created among partners and reflect shared commitment and accountability.

Read more about best practices for developing partnership agreements.

What Tools or Resources Are Available to Develop Partnership Agreements?

Implementation support practitioners can use the following resources:

  1. Forming Partnership Agreements: This protocol can be used independently by partners or with a facilitator to develop shared understanding of roles prior to developing a partnership agreement.
  2. Partnership Agreement Template and Examples: This template can be used to document the key elements of a partnership agreement: intended results, what each partner will contribute and receive, and ways in which partners will work together. Two sample partnership agreements are included.
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