Implementation Teams

An implementation team is a group of stakeholders responsible for overseeing implementation and continuous improvement of a program or practice in order to achieve equitable outcomes. Implementation teams are different than advisory groups or oversight committees as they actively make decisions and plan for implementation, instead of primarily providing feedback. They are the organized group that supports every stage of implementation.

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What Tools or Resources Are Available to Establish and Sustain Implementation Teams?

Implementation support practitioners can use the following resources to support team formation:

  1. Implementation Teams Getting Started Worksheet: This planning tool can help make sure the right people are on the implementation team to do the work. The tool can be used by the organization forming the team or by funders to support teaming among their grantees.
  2. Identifying Team Competencies Worksheet: This worksheet can help organizations assess whether implementation teams have the capacity needed to support effective implementation.
  3. Implementation Team Charter Template and Sample: This template can be used by implementation teams to draft a team charter. A sample charter is also provided.
  4. Communication Protocol Worksheet: This tool can be used to develop linked communication protocols for new or existing programs and interventions.
  5. Team Meeting Agenda Template: This template can be used to standardize team meeting agendas.
  6. Before Action Review (BAR) and After Action Review (AAR) Template: This template, created by Fourth Quadrant Partners, can be used to plan for and reflect on implementation team meetings. The template covers identification of intended results, potential challenges to achieving those results and lessons that can be applied to future meetings. Further information and instructions for the BAR/AAR can be found at
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