Implementation Stages

Implementation is process, not an event— it cannot happen instantly, despite common expectations and pressures to demonstrate rapid change and improved outcomes for the focus population. Implementation stages are the developmental phases a program or practice proceeds through in an effort to achieve equitable outcomes. All efforts proceed through discernable phases from identification of needs and assets and exploration of potential solutions to adoption and sustainability.

Read more about best practices for using a stage-based implementation approach.

What Tools and Resources Are Available to Engage in Stage-based Implementation?

Implementation Support Practitioners can use the following resources to support a stage-based approach to implementation:

  1. Implementation Stages Flowchart: This handout can be used for a basic assessment of a program or practice’s current implementation stage.
  2. Implementation Stages Planning Tool: This worksheet identifies stage-based activities throughout implementation and can be used to gauge implementation progress and make decisions regarding sustainability of an implementation effort. An Implementation Stages Planning Tool is also available from the National Implementation Research Network.
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